Meet The Team

Our team of farmers have practiced agriculture and sustainable farming methods in several states including Massachusetts, Arizona, California, and Hawaii. We've experienced many climates and regions that optimize our growing techniques.  

Our work comes from the heart and we give our absolute strongest effort to deliver delicious food. This is who we are, not just what we do. We guarantee that our food is grown with love, dedication, smiles, and mindfulness. 


You are what you eat and digest! Why not get the best from a team of fun-loving farmers!

Heath Emerson​



I started growing food in my early 20's after learning about sustainable living. Growing food in my backyard and front yard transformed my life and the way I viewed our world. I have studied and practiced permaculture for 7 years. I started gardens and have been involved with gardens in Bakersfield, Tucson, AZ, and Flagstaff, AZ. Along with Meagan, I managed a 20 acre permaculture farm in Kapa'au, HI. After two years, we decided to move back home and start a farm in Bakersfield. Broadfork Acres is a vision of ours to create a vibrant and resilient, local food system in our community.

Meag Emerson



Meagan has studied the field of Nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits for almost two decades, with the desire to allow the body to heal itself through lifestyle shifts. After a diagnosis of a rare blood cancer in 2009, with a heart attack expected at age 30, she set off on a journey and never looked back. Too young to be sick, local and organic produce was the strongest link toward sustainable health and no treatment. Studies ventured from the East Coast in Massachusetts to the Golden State of California, eventually finding her way on the Big Island within the Pacific ocean. Now an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Health, Meagan is helping others achieve healing with total well-being. 


Shane Couto​



Shane's career has brought him closer to farming. He began working at a restaurant in Los Angeles, riding his bicycle to and from work. When he received the phone call to farm in Hawaii with Heath and Meag, he immediately said, "Yes!" and moved into a bus in the jungle. Back in Bakersfield, he's played a key role with Broadfork Acres. Always behind the scenes but never-the-less a daily farm worker and home gardener. If you need to know about arachnids, insects, or what multiple wasp stings feel like, he's your guy!

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