Why We Chose Farming

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

We strongly advocate knowing who your farmer is, how your food is grown, and how much of your health is valued by him or her. It's not just about the flavor, in fact, it's much more personal. Here's a bit of a background on who we are and why we chose farming as our profession, but most of all, our lifestyle.

March 2015

It began 5 months into our relationship, bound together by Nature as a foundation. Heath and I worked alongside as Naturalists at Wind Wolves Preserve. I had been there for over a year, while Heath joined on in October 2014. We clicked, as great friends and soon found the romance. Must've been the birds and the bees on the preserve.

Heath had already began to see results toward one of his goals: convert the lawn at his home into a food forest (back yard) and native dry-scape (front yard). Meanwhile, I was studying up on health related fields, choosing organically grown... more so, beyond organic. Steering away from factory farming and the importance of growing your own food. On the way to Home Depot, to get seeds, of course, I brashly asked, "Far stretched idea, but what do you think about owning our own farm?" Heath immediately replied back, "YES!... how do we do that?" The search for experience began with countless applications for employment or work trade roles in California. No response. Still desiring.

Then an opportunity emerged to work as Farm Managers in Hawai'i, on the Big Island. Heath brought it up and I said, "what have we got to lose?" And within 3 days we were accepted to work with HIP Agriculture... and I mean they took a chance at us! Miracle? We believe so. We didn't lose, after all, but we donated everything we owned but 2 suitcases worth (packed with books) and I sold my car. We began an entirely new book, not even a chapter.

November 2016

After almost 2 years of an amazing experience and gaining more knowledge than we ever imagined we would, there was a calling we could not ignore. Not necessarily believing in God prior, we felt a purposeful drive in our hearts and butterflies in our bellies and we knew... God is with us. Spirit. Source. Higher Power. We were called back to Bakersfield to create change in our food system. Our transition was with peace.

October 2017

With a year long search, we never let go of finding a way to fulfill our purpose in Bakersfield. We can go on with our past and how it brought us to where we are, but what's important to know here and now is this: Heath and I will never go back. This is hard work physically, mentally and emotionally. Growing pains are harsh at times. However, when we sit each morning we wake and write down our desires, goals, and excitement for the day... and when we lay in bed before we sleep filling out our Daily Gratitude Journal, we can only see the blessings this life has to offer us. We aim to see and feel wonderful things. Life is good.

July 2018

If you can take one thing from this entry, we hope it is that we truly care. Yes, a large part of this work is because it feels right to us and fulfills our values, but we cannot go without saying that it is our purpose to make sure you get the health you deserve. We were all born with the right to feel great, look great, and be happy. We are allowed to feel great about our lives and paths. We want to be one tiny pinpoint of advocates for helping you create the life you have always been able to access. Allow our food to make your plate.


Heath and Meagan

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