The Farm Needed a Woman

For those who have followed Meag on Instagram (@Meag_Emerson), you may have recently learned that she jumped to launch a new endeavor. This transition was intended so she can focus on her deep love of writing, but something happened.

The farm needed a woman.

It's a battle for the more feminine side- does he/she stay home to cook, clean and ensure a warming, loving home? Does he/she work, as well? Is it possible for him/her to do other aspects he/she loves while raise a family or plan to begin one alongside their partner? These are questions we're sure many individuals and families are asking themselves. It is difficult to run a business and take care of other passions. Can the two exist?

What we found is that we all have responsibilities and there isn't necessarily an easier way around them, of course, but that doesn't mean we need to shut out other things we deeply love. We absolutely can create a life more enjoyable to live, even with the hard work farming and other professions bring.

The farm needed a woman as much as the woman needed the farm. Meag's deep love for healthy Nature, restoring sick Nature, and embracing the highest quality of minerals in food for herself, family and the community is precisely why Meag couldn't quit the farm. She is back from behind-the-scenes and you'll see more of her. Her hiatus can be described as nothing more than figuring out what many strive to figure out: I love so many things, but what is my purpose? The lesson learned: while figuring out her purpose she realized she had it all along, because she missed it when it was gone.

We've discovered the grass is only green on the side you care for the most. For Meag, that is health. Here launches a more powerful blog section of our website for you to get glimpses of her love for writing and farming. As she had stated in a previous post, the hardest decision during that time was to quit something she had spent the past 5 years building because she does love agriculture. Yet, writing was calling her, as well.

And here raised a new discovery:

"The lover of nature is he whose inward and outward senses are still truly adjusted to each other..." Ralph Waldo Emerson

What Emerson said and also, sitting at a desk writing for hours makes your butt go numb.

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